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  • Just in Time Supplies ( JIT ).
  • Order processing
  • Total Inventory Management
  • Direct On line Deliveries ( DOL ).

  • Door Pick, Door Delivery, Flexible Pick and Delivery Options.
  • Specialized in Northern Territory.
  • Freight On Delivery Services.D
  • COD/DOD Facilities.
  • Holiday pick up/ delivery options.
  • ODA/ESS services.
  • Trucking Solutions.
  • Dedicated vehicles for local deliveries.

We are guided by the better distribution solutions, your cargo movement, better handling, time sensitive delivery, and treating the customers objects as most precious. We are specialized in the entire Northern Territory of India and can help you reach to your customer at every corner of North India.  We have expert customer support to handle your issues and queries.


Warehousing DSSS Logistics Private Limited had identified warehousing as an important link in the logistics chain and had setup modern  warehouse, All warehouses are equipped with the latest communications  and automation facilities. 3PL We plan, build, maintain and operate a superior transportation system enhancing safety and mobility. Consultancy Our company plays a key role in helping our clients to make optimal demand and supply chain decisions to achieve their business objectives. es.